Nixon Blue is a property development company that places people and place at the heart of everything we do.

We look for unused sites and strive to maximise the potential of places, building new homes and creating a sense of place to the new environments.

We work with teams of highly skilled consultants in the early design phase from our architects to engineers and landscape gardens to ensure that we create as well as build.


Our expertise also offers a wide range of consultancy services from design services to straightforward planning and building warrant services for private projects to full land and site viability consultancy for larger residential sites.

We have specific expertise in town and city centre brownfield sites where an innovative, creative approach is essential in delivering a successful outcome.

We are delighted to bring The Millhouse to Paisley.


“The revival of this derelict site is an ambition that myself and Colin spotted a couple of years ago. The abandonment of the former nightclub was an eyesore for many years, and we look forward to transforming this area into a thriving and vibrant community for residents. Working with our partners, we are able to realise our ambitions and bring a sizeable investment, on-site jobs and build a new future for this site.”

- Nixon Blue